Facebook Marketing Tips, part 1 – Friends

Facebook Marketing Tips, part 1 – Friends (taken from a Facebook post I wrote in 2020) https://www.facebook.com/bryceknielsen1/posts/276856943410062 Hello friends, this is the first in a series of posts sharing how to connect with people and grow your business on Facebook using only organic, rejection-free, and free methods. That’s right, I’m starting off with one of … Read more

Pros and Cons of Online Business: Is It a Good Fit for You?

So many people are turning to the Internet now as a way of making money, I think we forget to ask ourselves if it’s the right thing to do. Not everyone is successful at trying to work from home over the Internet. (That’s a big understatement, right?) We need to consider the Pros and Cons … Read more

How to Be Yourself Online, and Why It Matters

Hello friends, I apologize for another long absence from this website. It’s late at night (as I wrote the first draft), but I wanted to still give you this. Today I am writing on the idea, How to Be Yourself. I also want to explain why we should endeavor to be personal in the content … Read more

Best Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! May your celebration be joyous and fun! What are the Best resolutions for the New Year? I don’t normally set Resolutions, here’s why: Personally, I don’t set New Years Resolutions. I don’t find much value in the idea of waiting until a “magical” day of January 1 to start something. … Read more

The Value of Persistence, and some final thoughts

Hello everyone. I want to share some thoughts on an important subject: The Value of Persistence. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be going well, or we stumble, fall, making mistakes.  My absences from this website are one of those mistakes. But I am back. What Is Persistence?  I won’t give you a dictionary definition. But … Read more

Think and Grow Rich: A Review of the Classic Book

I was just searching on my site, and I realized I had never written a full review of an important book that I have spent a lot of time on.   Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, was first published in 1937. There have been many different editions published since then, and I have … Read more

Explore Your Options If You’re Not Sure What to Write About

hiking, exploring

Hello everyone. If you’ve been following the blog, my apologies for the long absence, almost 5 months since I posted an article. I encourage you to explore your options if you’re not sure what business to do, or what to write about for your blog. In a sense, that’s what I’ve been doing. But first: … Read more

The Importance of A Daily Routine for Your Business

daily routine

I previously discussed my morning routine in a few of my other posts. That was primarily focused on having a good start to the day, the morning routine – that which I do first thing when arising in the morning. Here I am referring to the importance of a daily routine for those activities that … Read more

Do I Need a Mentor For My Business? Yes!!

Do I need a mentor - giving a hand up

I began my online business journey in January 2019, and for most of that time I was focused on affiliate marketing. I still do it, with this blog, although I have not had many programs to promote up until now. When I do promote something, you can be sure it’s something I believe will help … Read more

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 2

So today I’m going to finish the topic I started a few days ago. To read How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, part 1 go here. Here are the rest of my tips on how to overcome fear of rejection in your business. Tip # 6: Have good Posture, be a Product … Read more

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