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That’s right – I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a little over one month. Here is my Wealthy Affiliate review.

I consider it to be one of the best things I’ve ever gotten into. I love it.

Wealthy Affiliate RULES.


Wealthy Affiliate features:

Wealthy Affiliate has many great features which make it one of the best affiliate platforms I’ve ever come across.

1. A free Starter membership – you can try out the service absolutely for free, for up to 6 months. This includes a free hosted website that you can use without buying your own domain.

The website will end with .siterubix.com, so it won’t look as professional as owning your own site, but you can easily buy a domain which you will own, and move the website onto the new domain in a few seconds.

2. Premium membership is very affordable

There is only one paid membership level, the Premium membership (see number 9 for optional upgrades), which costs $49 per month or $359 per year, a 39% savings.

As a further bonus, if you join with a Starter account and upgrade to Premium within 7 days you save $30 off the first month, $19 instead of $49.

3. You can write blog posts in Wealthy Affiliate which are a good way to get interaction with other members. They will comment on yours, you can comment on theirs, and everyone benefits. The blog is an opportunity to work on your writing skills and document your progress through the courses they provide.

This is showing the beginning of my first blog post. Most of my posts have been fairly short, but you can make them long or short.

By the way, WA blog posts are seen by Google and so you can get search results for the posts you write here.


4. Training

There are many training courses, which by itself would be worth the Premium membership fee. The first 2 training courses, the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp, teach you step-by-step how to create your first website using their tools.

The website is created using WordPress, the most popular blogging system in the world, by the way.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is for people who intend to write about Wealthy Affiliate itself, while the other course is for those writing about any other topic. Note: only the first 10 lessons are available for each of these courses as a Starter member, but that is plenty of information to see how valuable the courses are.

There are currently 10 other classrooms besides these 2 courses available for Premium members.

5. There is a New Question feature. Anyone can ask a question, and everyone will see that the question has been asked. So you will get answers quickly. One downside is that you may get a lot of different people answering and some answers will be better than others.

6. You can directly connect with any other member of the website – through public comments or private messages. Note: private messages are only available for the first 7 days on the Starter membership.

7. Comments and feedback. As you are writing articles for your website, you can get comments and feedback quickly and easily by replying to certain discussions with your link.

There is an understanding that when someone gives a comment on your website, you will return the favor.

There are also features called SiteComments and SiteFeedback where you post the information inside WA and earn credits you can use to ask for comments. Optionally you can also buy the credits to get comments if you want to get them more quickly to scale up your results.

8. Site hosting and buying domains – this feature by itself, in my view, is also worth the cost of the membership.

Hosting fees for websites you get somewhere else can cost $8 per month or more for the most basic plans, without any security features, and often in order to save on this amount you have to pay for a whole year in advance.

There are many hosting services, and they do compete in prices, but Wealthy Affiliate lets you host 10 websites at no additional cost as a Premium member. Their price is still lower than anything else I’ve ever heard of.

You do buy your domains, but WA makes it super-easy to find the domain, buy it, host it, and even move an existing website onto their hosting. You retain ownership of your website and the domain address. In addition to the 10 paid domain websites you can also have 10 free siterubix sites as a Premium member (1 of each as a Starter).

9. WA has a great research tool called Jaaxy. This is for looking up keywords to see how many searches for the term there are on Google. You also see how many results there are, helping you narrow down a good low-competition term for each article you write.

The basic Jaaxy lite service is included with your WA membership but there are optional upgrades that improve your research abilities.

I’ll write another post about how to do keyword research, but here’s a picture of what it looks like. As you can see the tool comes up with various combinations of words close to what you typed, and so you have a lot of choices about the exact keywords you use for your article.

Picking good keywords increases your chances of making it onto the first page of Google search results, which will result in a lot more visitors to your website.

10. There is a Live Chat on the main front page of WA, which everyone sees and can you get you answers really quickly. This feature is only available for 7 days as a Starter member.

11. Internal ranking system. You can be rewarded for your activity, posting blogs, helpful comments, answering questions, and creating training, by an improvement in your rank. After being on this platform for only 1 month and 4 days, I have gone up to a rank of 1018 as I write this (the number just dropped by nearly 300 moments ago). And all this while just spending a couple of hours a day on the business while working a full-time job.

New Premium member ranks are generally over 200,000, just to give you an idea of where I started out.

There are colored badges that highlight a member’s status and this can help convey how much experience you have to newbies as your status improves. There are even higher statuses for the Top 200 and the Top 12 members.



12. Affiliate program. Any WA member is automatically approved to receive affiliate commissions by promoting WA on your websites. The payment is close to 50% of the payments from new Premium members you bring in (for all your referrals, whether they joined as a Starter or not).

Starter members can also earn commissions, on a rate that is half of what Premium members earn. It only takes 2 paid referrals per month to cover the cost of your membership!

Also, affiliates who get 300 referrals per calendar year get an all-expense paid trip to a convention in Las Vegas. I’m planning to be there next year.

13. The company is well-established, not going anywhere, not a fly-by-night operation. The company was founded by 2 Canadian entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson, who are passionate about helping others have success. They started the website in 2005, and the price has not gone up since 2009, even though all kinds of features have been added since then. The founders are still running the company and interacting directly to help the members on a regular basis.

14. I didn’t even get into the direct access to the founders and direct coaching, which I haven’t really used. If you join under someone’s affiliate link they will be your coach and will be able to help you out on a more personal basis. I didn’t use an affiliate link and so founder Kyle is actually my coach.


Are There Any Cons?

Now, I have to tell you, there are a few downsides to the website, but considering all you’re getting, I don’t see this as much of a comparison.

1. The website is in English only – I do see comments in other languages, and some members have discussed resources that could translate pages for people not speaking English, but I have no experience with this, and I don’t know how effective they are.

Considering I’m only writing here in English also, I hope this won’t have much of an effect on my audience.

2. If you have to cancel your Premium membership, it’s super easy, but if you come back later, the Starter membership is not available. You can pick up where you left off as a Premium member, but you will have a lot of work to get your ranking and your network of connections back to where you wanted to be. You also have to transfer the hosting of your site to another website which could cost a lot of money. If you let the website lapse you could be starting from scratch on a blog.

3. Blogging and affiliate promotion on your blog is mainly what is taught here.

Blogging is a slower method of earning income online, at least with organic traffic from Google, but it will build up gradually. If you need money right away, this is probably not the best way to go about it. However, it is one of the best ways to allow people get to know you and trust you, making it more likely they will buy the products you are recommending.

However, negating this con, working on your website can take only a small amount of time per day – thus you can easily do another faster business on the side as well, if you know of something that really works faster. You can also write about any topic you want, so you may find you’re enjoying the writing process even though it doesn’t start paying for awhile.

I hope no one will skip having a blog just because it takes a while to build up. Investing for retirement is the same idea – but you don’t make it better by postponing the decision.

4. If you, like me, love to help others out, it may be tempting to spend all your time interacting inside WA and not work on your website.

Those are challenges to be overcome, not a reason not to do anything. If you never start your business out of fear, you’ll never get anywhere.

I hope this review has been helpful.

My final word 

If you are looking to run an online business as a blogger and affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is well worth the $49 per month premium membership cost. 

If you want to try it for free, take advantage of the free Starter membership.

Either way, I’ll see you on the inside and give you more training (I’ll be your coach if you click on my affiliate links).

9 thoughts on “A Wealthy Affiliate Review – King of Affiliate Networks”

  1. I would also recommend Wealthy Affiliate, definitely the best Affiliate platform on the market. Great review on the great program. Hard to be wrong choosing to join WA, whether you’re a beginner or a professional marketer you will find an ocean of possibilities there. Thanks Bryce!

  2. It’s definitely stood the test of time, helped thousands of people to make a side income or even full income online! I like how you have managed to cover the wealthy of information the training can provide and make it easy to follow for people new to this online business. All the best.

  3. Totally agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate! I’ve tried many programs and wealthy affiliate not only gives you step-by-step instructions, but a community that helps each other too. It truly accelerates your success!
    I really appreciated your honest outline of WA.

  4. Great review! You definitely wrote about everything that people need to know and I think you are right about the cons. I have been with WA a little bit longer and the downside it that it takes a while and it takes a lot of work, but it is possible and a great investment. I think everyone’s journey will be different, but this is like any other business. It takes lots of work and consistency.

  5. I have to correct my 2nd point under Cons. I previously wrote:

    “If you have to cancel your Premium membership, it’s super easy, but all your internal content will be deleted. You still own your website and any paid domains you bought but will need to transfer the hosting servers before your account is deleted. Your free siterubix websites will also be deleted.

    If you come back later, the Starter membership is not available and you’ll be starting over from scratch.”

    However, most of this was wrong. I have since learned that the internal content is saved. People have left WA and come back and their old content was still there. However, it is true that you can no longer join as a Starter member after you have been a Premium member and canceled.


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