Being Helpful Is a Big Part of Working From Home

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re staying safe and protected at home as much as possible. How timely the subject of this website seems now. More about working from home opportunities will be coming soon.


Thank you to all my readers and those who have been giving comments lately. It’s nice to feel appreciated. I feel like this little guy when I see all that positive feedback, it just lights me up.

My Latest Challenge

I’ve only published 2 posts in the last 2 weeks although I’ve been spending a lot of time working on this blog behind the scenes. I will keep writing about working from home opportunities to help those who really need to make more money, but who don’t know what to choose.

I have been struggling to know what to write about for my next article. I have many ideas I want to write about but most of them will take quite a bit of research.

I have been caught up in the community and website I am now part of, and it is a good feeling to be helpful to others.
I find I have been spending a lot of time commenting on other people’s questions and articles while not being certain of my own topic.

But there needs to be a balance. I need to work on my own business too. So today I finally had a moment of inspiration. I hope you all find inspiration from it too, as this person is from the brilliance of the sunrise.

Principles of Successful Work From Home

The first principle of success I want to talk about is Giving Service.

It is very important to have a mindset to be helpful to others, whether you are doing an online job or business. Why is this so important?

Service Is Necessary in Any Business

No matter what business you’re in, you have customers, and they are individuals with their own desires and needs. They are not going to buy your product just because you suggest it. You need to earn their trust by giving good service, and then they will be willing to try out your recommendations.

Service is Also Key in Jobs

In any job, someone is paying you to do the work, and where are they getting the money from? You could be a personal servant to an independently wealthy person, but most likely, they have customers also, and that’s the source of your income.

You need to be grateful to the people who are paying you to do work. Gratitude is another fine quality I can talk about another time. But you are probably giving service to a different group of people, or they may overlap to some extent.

I have a job. One that is unlikely to be closed because of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, unless things get really bad. I can’t do that job from home either.

I work at a large retail store, and we have been cleaned out of a lot of the common supplies like toilet paper, bottled water, hand sanitizer, even bread and milk, pasta, and canned vegetables.

But people keep coming in every day looking for them. You might even say they’re desperate, and I feel so bad for them. We have had some new deliveries come in, and almost immediately they get purchased even though the management puts a strict limit on how many anyone can buy in a day.

My store currently looks nothing like the one in this picture:

In my job, I serve all the customers who come into the store. I do cleaning there, and i may never even see most of the customers, but they are still the reason why I have a job. i have to serve their needs, no matter how inconvenient. Right now, that means more time disinfecting shelves and doors and less time cleaning the floors. I don’t say anything about not liking the change, but I do find value in giving service and console myself with that.

If you’re fortunate enough to already have an online job, you still have people you are helping even though you never see them either.

How Can You Serve Your Audience?

I am going to write some of my posts in the future based on what I think my audience will benefit from, not necessarily what is the most important and natural to me. I will also try to come up with other ways of helping my audience. Like I said before, service is one of the most important aspects of any business.

How can you keep service to your customers, readers, visitors, or audience as one of your highest priorities?

You can do it. We have to take that inspiration and believe that we can be better than our previous selves. I don’t believe in comparing myself to others but I can compare myself to my own past performance.

Other Principles of Success

Gratitude. Diligence (hard work). Persistence, not giving up. Faith – positive attitude.

I haven’t come up with the entire list yet, but that’s a good start.


So now you know about Principle of Success 1: Service

So keep on serving, if you already have a work from home job or business. Or look for ways you can serve to earn money, if you are just looking to start something.

Stay tuned for a great business and service opportunity I have been taking advantage of for the last month.

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