Pros and Cons of Online Business: Is It a Good Fit for You?

So many people are turning to the Internet now as a way of making money, I think we forget to ask ourselves if it’s the right thing to do. Not everyone is successful at trying to work from home over the Internet. (That’s a big understatement, right?) We need to consider the Pros and Cons … Read more

How to Be Yourself Online, and Why It Matters

Hello friends, I apologize for another long absence from this website. It’s late at night (as I wrote the first draft), but I wanted to still give you this. Today I am writing on the idea, How to Be Yourself. I also want to explain why we should endeavor to be personal in the content … Read more

Think and Grow Rich: A Review of the Classic Book

I was just searching on my site, and I realized I had never written a full review of an important book that I have spent a lot of time on.   Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, was first published in 1937. There have been many different editions published since then, and I have … Read more

The Importance of A Daily Routine for Your Business

daily routine

I previously discussed my morning routine in a few of my other posts. That was primarily focused on having a good start to the day, the morning routine – that which I do first thing when arising in the morning. Here I am referring to the importance of a daily routine for those activities that … Read more

Do I Need a Mentor For My Business? Yes!!

Do I need a mentor - giving a hand up

I began my online business journey in January 2019, and for most of that time I was focused on affiliate marketing. I still do it, with this blog, although I have not had many programs to promote up until now. When I do promote something, you can be sure it’s something I believe will help … Read more

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 2

So today I’m going to finish the topic I started a few days ago. To read How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, part 1 go here. Here are the rest of my tips on how to overcome fear of rejection in your business. Tip # 6: Have good Posture, be a Product … Read more

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 1

Something I have been learning a lot about in one of my other businesses is the fear of rejection. This is a big concern any time you are marketing or selling something. Many people will say no, and some might even get mean about it. Here are some ideas for how to overcome fear of … Read more

Work At Online Business Like It’s a Job

It’s very important in online business to work consistently, as I discussed in the previous article. One good way to do this it to play a little game with yourself. You need to work at online business like it’s your job. Imagine someone standing behind you as you sit at the computer, reminding you that … Read more

How To Be Successful in Business: 3 Important Traits

I have been thinking about the qualities that make for success, and I have come up with 3 things. Each of these is important, but I’m not sure I have enough material for a whole article for each of them. How to Be Successful in Business is to have the traits and behaviors that has … Read more

I Decided to Face My Fears; I’m So Glad I Did

Hello friends. This past week has been quite an adventure. A leader in one of my business teams gave everyone a 5-day challenge. Then on the last day of that challenge, another leader gave a 21-day challenge. They are helping me so much. I have been a very timid person for much of my life; … Read more

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