Do I Need a Mentor For My Business? Yes!!

Do I need a mentor - giving a hand up

I began my online business journey in January 2019, and for most of that time I was focused on affiliate marketing. I still do it, with this blog, although I have not had many programs to promote up until now. When I do promote something, you can be sure it’s something I believe will help … Read more

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 1

Something I have been learning a lot about in one of my other businesses is the fear of rejection. This is a big concern any time you are marketing or selling something. Many people will say no, and some might even get mean about it. Here are some ideas for how to overcome fear of … Read more

Why Network Marketing is Good for Newcomers

If you want a good way to earn an income working from home, and you don’t have any experience, I would recommend that you look into Network Marketing as a place to start. Network Marketing is sometimes also called MLM or multi-level marketing but a lot of people avoid the term as it has a … Read more

My Decision – Ethical Dilemmas in Business

I’ve been dealing with some moral and ethical questions to ponder. Many people face these types of decisions. Just in the last two weeks, I joined into some other businesses to make money more quickly than a blog, as I referenced in a recent post that blogging takes a while to start producing income. However, … Read more

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