Facebook Marketing Tips, part 1 – Friends

Facebook Marketing Tips, part 1 – Friends

(taken from a Facebook post I wrote in 2020) https://www.facebook.com/bryceknielsen1/posts/276856943410062

Hello friends, this is the first in a series of posts sharing how to connect with people and grow your business on Facebook using only organic, rejection-free, and free methods.

That’s right, I’m starting off with one of the most basic things on Facebook.

Adding friends –

Your friends are your audience when you post content on your wall. And I want to teach you to approach your content, as well as who you add as a friend, as a business decision and something you plan out, not just a spontaneous thing you do whenever you feel like it.

However there is certainly room for inspiration, I have certainly had flashes of ideas for posts.

However I digress. Today we are discussing who to add as friends.

There are several rules I have been taught about finding good friends. But it depends on who your target audience is.

You need to figure out who your message is for, and add people who are likely to respond to your content.

There are many places to find people to add. You don’t have to create traffic. People are already hanging out online. You just have to find out where they are and add them.

Now in my experience it really helps to have your profile set up right, I will go over that in another post. Some people won’t accept your friend request if you haven’t done that first.

You have to consider: What am I selling? Who is buying that right now? Where do those people exist online? Or what groups and pages on Facebook do they go to?

If you are in network marketing, as am I, it’s all about personal development and mindset. So go to the pages and groups where people are discussing this topic.

Another consideration that may sound insensitive, but it has to be said. Who is likely to buy your product? Someone who has some money. Unless you have free memberships, you need to focus on adding people from countries where people can afford to pay in to join an opportunity. There are exceptions to every rule, of course. Use your judgment.

One more consideration. You can get in trouble with Facebook if you add friends too quickly. So you need to add a few friends, maybe 10-25 friends a day, and spread it out throughout the day. Over time your ability to add them will be increased if you are consistent at it every day.

If you only have 300 or 500 friends, even 1000, you don’t have much of an audience. So you need to be adding more. And you may have to delete some too if they never engage with your content or are not a match for the audience you seek.

Next time I will go over exactly what I look at on a person’s profile to decide whether to add them (or accept a friend request). Today I will just say I always look at their profile first.

Let me know in the comments what you found value in today, or what you would like me to discuss in future posts about marketing tips.

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