How To Be Successful in Business: 3 Important Traits

I have been thinking about the qualities that make for success, and I have come up with 3 things.

Each of these is important, but I’m not sure I have enough material for a whole article for each of them. How to Be Successful in Business is to have the traits and behaviors that has led others to success in the past.

There are many of these but here are the three I am thinking of at the present moment: Consistency, Diligence, and Patience.

Consistency in your Daily Actions

It is very, very important to have a daily routine that you follow to work on your business, especially when you are just starting out.

Write down your routine and do it every day, whenever possible!

I can’t stress this enough!

Being consistent with anything that you do every day makes it a habit, makes it something you do automatically, like brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. Making the coffee, for those who drink it, or driving to work are all things we are used to doing without a lot of thought.

Think about how nice it would be to have a business routine that is just as automatic. This will only happen if you do it consistently, preferably every day. If you only have half an hour to work on the business, just make sure your routine fits within that time.

Some suggestions to include in your routine are to be connecting with potential customers and doing something to create value for your customers, every day. You need to create good value to show potential customers that you are worth doing business with. This is in addition to any services you provide for existing customers or members.


Isn’t this the same thing? For those not familiar with the word, it is commonly used in the Bible and means “Careful and persistent work or effort”.

I am using the term in the sense of not only hard work, but that you record how you are doing and track your progress. This is very important. I am starting to track daily numbers in my own business and I expect to see a lot of improvement.

I will be sharing my numbers on a weekly basis over on my YouTube channel.

Diligence also includes that you don’t give up when you face obstacles, but press on. If you are part of a community you can ask for help. There are so many great communities on the Internet. Most network marketing businesses have this kind of support. So does Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned the skills to write this blog.

Diligence would include some of the same behaviors as Consistency, sure. For example, if you have made a plan to make a video every day, and one day you don’t feel like it, the Diligent businessperson will make the video anyway. (I wrote about my own video-making adventures in the previous article).


These needs no explanation as to what I mean. If you are patient when you are building a business, you won’t quit because it’s taking too long. The Record-keeping I covered under Diligence can help you be more patient because you are seeing results in your other numbers before you see results in the income goals you have.

Success is not measured only in money, but also in increased reach, a bigger audience, more likes, comments, and shares, and how many people you are connecting with every day. I have just bought a 90-day activity journal which helps track my goals and progress and this will be good in developing all of these traits, including patience.

In any offline or physical business, you would not start it on Day 1 and expect to be in profit by Day 30, but for some reason a lot of people in online marketing think that not making money in their first 30 days means there is something wrong with the company they’re promoting.

You need to understand that it takes time, especially when you are starting out without much reach as I was. I had only about 500 friends on Facebook when I started tracking it in March, and most of those I never interacted with. I am now above 800 and doing much better. That is one of the numbers I am tracking. I am on a path to 2000, which is where my sponsor says I need to be, in order to be attracting new people to my business every day.

Patience is one of the biggest virtues in the world, but as I said it also helps in business.

I Am Still Working on These

I am far from perfect on all of these traits, but the journey and the process of acquisition, practicing what needs to be done is a great adventure of self-discovery and growth that will bless me for the rest of my life. And the same for all of you.

With respect to consistency, I have often quit things in the past when I hit an obstacle and didn’t know what to do. I had to start learning good mindset in order to realize that there is no need to be giving up.

Diligence and patience I am practicing every day. Patience in particular is a challenge for me, but I hope you will join me as we work on these qualities of good business together.

Action Steps:

Make a daily routine, track your numbers, and remind yourself that progress is ongoing to develop patience.

Hmm, my piece on patience should have been a longer article. But I’m done with what I had to say. I wish all my readers success in their endeavors. Onward!

2 thoughts on “How To Be Successful in Business: 3 Important Traits”

  1. Hi Bryce,

    This is a very interesting article, during this thought times indeed, many people are forced to work from home (I’m part of this group).
    Discipline and Patience are really important to keep focusing on our targets.
    I liked the action steps at the end of the article, really a good idea!

    Thanks for sharing with us this post.

    Have a great day,


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