How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 1

Something I have been learning a lot about in one of my other businesses is the fear of rejection. This is a big concern any time you are marketing or selling something. Many people will say no, and some might even get mean about it.

Here are some ideas for how to overcome fear of rejection when you are prospecting or selling in your business. I mainly do this through private messages on Facebook and LinkedIn, but will be starting to do it by phone as well.

It can happen on a blog or YouTube channel, too, mainly in the form on negative comments. Not as much in your face, but it can still hurt.

So here’s what I’ve been learning about this topic recently, things I do that help me.

Tip #1: Expect Rejection and Be Prepared

You probably know that rejection is something to be expected in any kind of sales or marketing business. I hope you will find some way of preparing yourself for it. Only you know which of these suggestions help pick you up when you’re feeling down.

I was very fortunate when I got a bad response recently, and I was not at home. But I carry around a little voice recorder which I can use to make recordings, and it also connects to and transfers files from my computer. I always keep some of my favorite music and motivational audio on there.

It so happened I had taken 2 of the videos from my sponsor in my network marketing companies, and converted them to audio format with a program I bought a few years ago, long before I got into online business. Then I transferred them onto the device. And it so happened that he discussed in one of these videos that he has a system for marketing that really works, but that he didn’t enjoy reaching out to people. He did it, does it every day because it is necessary, but he doesn’t enjoy it.

This is a guy who has been a full-time online marketer since 2013. He once took an opportunity from basically 0 to a full-time income in 3 months, and he brings people into one of our businesses almost on a daily basis. And he doesn’t enjoy reaching out. That reassured me that it’s okay that I don’t enjoy it either. I still have to do it. But hearing his wisdom and experience really helped.

I later found one of his old videos where he talks about specifically how to overcome your fear of rejection. I’ll get back to that in Part 2.

If you don’t have a mentor or coach or sponsor to help you, I really recommend you find someone who is successful.

Tip # 2: Have Your Why Written Down

This is one I’m not sure I have a final version of it done. But it is widely prescribed as a prerequisite for finding your success.

You need to be very clear in your mind about why you are so determined to succeed in business. Why are you committed to doing whatever it takes, no matter what that is? If you have that written down, it will strengthen and support your desire to get past the rejection and criticism.

Tip 3: Do It at a Good Time

I recommend you have a set time and routine for when you are doing your reach outs. By reach outs, I mean that you are asking people specifically, if they are open to see what you are doing, or to see how you are making money online, some words to that effect.

In the system I have been taught, and this is for anyone who is using free methods on social media to find prospects or customers for your business, and doesn’t have a large following. I have been taught to send out 25 of those messages every day. It could be people who are already your friends, or people you don’t know. This isn’t fun, but I’m doing it.

Some will say No, many will not respond. Some will block you, or argue with you about why you contacted them. Expect all of that. It goes with the business. The other day someone told me I was playing games and then blocked my messages before I could respond.

When I say do it at a good time, I mean, do it when your mind is fresh. You need to be able to look for people in whatever source you are using, and figure out who you will send it to and which message you will send. I have two messages, one for those already in internet marketing, and another for those who don’t show their occupation or only have an offline occupation on their profile.

They will respond at different times, so I recommend you also study and get some preparation for dealing with objections.

Tip #4: Know How to Handle Objections

I have a little booklet called Social Media Scripts, which includes a lot of great responses to objections. It was written by someone who has a lot of experience with this. He built a business where he made an 8-figure income by cold contacting, his name is Ray Higdon. You can order it from his website.

You can also find this type of information inside his private Facebook group, Rank Makers, which you can join for $20 a month (These are not affiliate links, I am only a member of his group and really benefit from their training).

It’s a thin, pocket size book which fits in your back pocket for a lot of standard jeans. So you can literally take it everywhere. It’s packed with useful information and currently discounted to only $8.99, or 2.00 off the normal price.

You can also find free articles on the Internet with similar types of information.

Tip #5: Have a Game Plan for When You’re Feeling Discouraged

From my own recent experience, I know that inspirational audio files or videos can really help. So can good music that calms you down, or talking to people who do accept you, whether in person, on the phone, or some other way. Perhaps a Facebook message with someone who supports you.

Some other ideas are to write down your gratitudes, or do meditation, or exercise, or just get up from your computer and take a break from it.

That’s for the responses. I don’t recommend taking a break while sending out the “Are you open” questions, since it can be uncomfortable but I have found I can get in a groove or rhythm that takes me to the number I was looking to do. The hardest part is deciding to get started.

Stay Tuned for More Tips!

I have quite a bit more I can suggest on this topic and will divide the post here, look for Part 2 soon.

Hope this has been beneficial!

20 thoughts on “How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 1”

  1. Great post. No question rejection is part of the process when you are in business and should be expected as you said. Your point about knowing your why is so important. Knowing what you are striving to achieve is key to keeping on moving forward. Cheers

    • Thanks Robb, I really appreciate the comment from an experienced network marketer. I have only been doing it for about 2 months but fortunately have some great leaders.

  2. What a Wonderful Piece and it couldn’t have come at a better time, because i have been thinking of how to deal with rejection and will try to practise some of the tips on how to handle it. Thanks a lot

  3. Hi and thanks for an interesting article. I found it inspiring a little self-reflection which is always a good thing. And helps me understand why my progress has slowed down and partly why I tell myself that I don’t like social media and that I try to persuade myself that I am deep down not social, because clearly that is just a diversion and what I am really afraid of is that people will tell me to get lost or whatever. It doesn’t look as if the social media little book of scripts is available on Amazon – so I guess you have to order from his site which inevitably means signing up to yet another email list. Sometimes it feels like we are creating a world that has more email lists than people. Anyway, thanks again. I am looking forward to Part 2. Best regards, Andy

    • I don’t think I signed up for a list when I bought the book, but I might already be on it. You can always cancel your newsletter subscription if you don’t find value in it.

      As I said, a lot of this information can be found in free resources too. I have read articles from other people on how to overcome objections, try searching that term.

      I’m glad the article is helping you, I am looking forward to sharing part 2 also.

  4. A great read and you are right rejection is hard to take on. I handle it a lot better nowadays through meditation and Reiki.

    Selling yourself for an interview is much easier than trying to sell to someone, in fact helping and giving guidance works so much better. It just takes time to master.

    I find getting away from the PC and going for a run helps me tremendously.

    Just a different environment, which is hard at the moment.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks for the comment Mick, I just want to say that a different environment can be mental or emotional when you are unable to physically leave. Something that reminds you of your value to other people, even reading your Why.

  5. Hi Byrce
    This is great and resonates so much with me.
    one that strikes out for me is ‘have your WHY written down’ because that will be your motivator, when every thing else fails.

    Knowing how to handle rejection is another biggy. This is because once you have your written down and you know how to handle rejection, you can overcome very hurdle that comes your way.
    Thank you for this informative piece.

  6. Hi Bryce,

    I fear that I would get rejections for my business too. But, I do have my ways to solve this.

    -Think about the target you want to achieve every morning
    -The reason why you need to achieve by doing MLM(your family or some other reasons)

    The above should keep me going further and not quitting, and I do hope people could practice when they could find a 5-minute peaceful time on this.


    • I like your points – I do like the 5 minute peaceful time. It really doesn’t take long to get back in the groove when you get discouraged, if you are prepared ahead of time and have the resources planned out.

  7. I am very motivated by reading your article on how to overcome fear of rejection in your business, you know fear is what prevents the majority of people to accomplish their dreams in their life. So whatever your dreams are, you want to use the tips in this article to help you overcome your fear to take that first very important step.


  8. I am not involved with an MLM company, but I hear a lot of negative commentaries on MLM which say-those persistent, even pushy people who are always selling something. Don’t people realise that even everyday life is full of selling-of yourself, your ideas, your opinions, your intentions, your actions….the better you become at selling, the better you go along with people, the easier your life gets. Being rejected anywhere is hard and painful, no matter how well you think you are prepared. But, if you have an already practised way to get up and go on, you have less time to be engaged with it, and who knows-in the next few minutes you or your offer might get accepted and voila, you have already forgotten the previous rejection! In time, the ratio of rejection and acceptance might change for better and then you are on the right path.
    As for the messages on social media looking for prospects, I am fond of reading and listening to Eric Whore. I trust he is well-known, needs no introduction. He says it is important to build some kind of a relationship with people before popping out the question about openness. They will much more likely at least answer and certainly trust you more, be more frequently open to hear you out than to hear out someone who opens the door without knocking on it first. Of course, you should do how your sponsor teaches you, but you can always look for other sources of knowledge, as well and see what works for you best.
    Anyway, this is a very honest, nicely written article pointing out the very fear of all beginners and the main reason why many do not persist and give up too early.
    Wishing you tenacity which will lead you to success!

    • Thank you for the comment, and the remarks about selling. It is true that we are always promoting something, even if it’s just ourselves, but most people don’t get paid for doing it.

      I will definitely check out some videos of Eric Worre also, haven’t listened to him yet.

      I hear you on building relationship first, I use both strategies but to me it is important to be having those conversations every day while I build up the free value content that will bring in more people later on.

  9. Hi Bryce, thank you for being so open about your own ups and downs. This really helps relate and find inspiration in your advice. Sometimes, I wish there was a way without rejection, but that is only a dream where I do not want to get prepared for it. A good option is to remember the why as you say! And maybe have that soothing program ready to distract us and get our energy back. I must say, that I also enjoy a good meditation and exercise. When you feel better, more settled and stronger, you can take it easier when the rejection arrives. And it will, unfortunately. I am still in my dream land and will start writing down the why, so I will have more to lose if I give up. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Hi Bryce,
    Fear and rejection go hand in hand, Conversely success and perseverance do the same. Rejection will come – to everyone, but it is how you handle it that can either make or break youThink about Alexander Bell and his 257 failures. Rejection/failure a single time should not be a reason to give up. He obviously had his “Why” written down.

    Encouraging also is the story of Thomas Edison and his light bulb invention. His product was rejected a whooping 1000 x, but as the story goes – 1001 was it for him.
    Glad to read some of the ways you address yours.

    This was a good read.


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