How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 2

So today I’m going to finish the topic I started a few days ago.

To read How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, part 1 go here.

Here are the rest of my tips on how to overcome fear of rejection in your business.

Tip # 6: Have good Posture, be a Product of the Product

Handling rejection is better when you know it’s the other person who is missing out.

You need to have good Posture – this is when you are confident and in control of the conversation, but a big key to it is really knowing and believing in what it is you are promoting or marketing.

You will have much better Posture if you have used the product yourself and have a genuine, true good story to tell about it. If you have experienced benefits yourself.

This might not be something obvious or tangible, like making money or having better health. It might be something you’ve learned, a better attitude, or something you can now visualize that you couldn’t previously. Maybe you’re happier, you have more friends, or you have other accomplishments that are steps toward your bigger goals.

This posture will help you realize that the other person is the one suffering from their decision or poor assumptions. You were in the conversation to help them, and you feel sorry that they didn’t realize that.

It is important to be thinking about how you can help them and not what you stand to gain if they join your organization, while you are talking to them. Be really trying to see it from their point of view. Like so many things your ability to do this will get better over time.

Tip #7: Learn From Your Experience

It is important that you learn from what happened. It is not always the case, but sometimes you might have deviated from what you have been trained or taught to say, and it is possible this confused the person or led to the outcome that happened.

I know with my bad experience I discussed last time, where someone blocked my message, I continued to chat with the person after they said No, and it seemed valid at the time but later I realized it was a mistake. The chat was very confrontational and it was a mistake to do it. I could have taken more time earlier in the process, because she was already having a negative reaction as soon as I said, Are you open, my normal question to find out if the person wants information about my business. I didn’t know what to say to that, and now I can think of something better, so it is all a learning experience.

As you continue to do this prospecting, whether by message, in person, or phone, you will get better, so don’t let one bad experience spoil your journey. Just keep your eyes on where you are working to get to.

Bonus Tips:

I previously wrote a shorter version of the 7 tips for a bonus someone could get from watching one of my videos and then messaging me the word “tips”. I only had one taker so far but I was happy to help him. And it seemed like a good topic to write about here as well.

I later found a video by one of my team leaders and included 3 bonus tips that I got out of that.

Bonus Tip #1: Everyone Faces Rejection; Make A Decision

Even the people we think of as super-successful in sales or marketing, or many other prominent people, started out facing a lot of rejection.

The man doing the video was also afraid of rejection when he first started working in online marketing. The way he overcame it was to DECIDE to overcome the fear, and then take the action that would lead to that outcome. Facing the rejection, asking people every day if they are open to hearing about his business opportunity. It is only by doing what you fear that you overcome it.

Bonus Tip #2: It’s In Your Mind

This is something Bob Proctor has talked about. Fear and faith are polar opposites, depending on if you are turning your mental energy in a positive or negative direction. But one thing they have in common is that they both require you to believe in something you can’t actually see. What you’re afraid of is very likely not even real.

Rejection isn’t real, it’s in your mind. What actually happened is that you asked one more person, and you found out their answer. One more No answer got you closer to your next Yes. If they had said Yes, that would also move you closer to your goals but in a different way.


Bonus Tip #3: It’s a Numbers Game

In prospecting you have to expect a lot of Nos. You have to present to a lot of people before you get your first Yes, unless you happen to find someone who is raring to go, but over time you will get better and your ratio will improve. Keep on reaching out to people, and doing what you have to do, and you will find someone who says Yes.

There are so many people already in a business, or too busy, or with a negative mindset. Your job is just to find out who is open, present the opportunity, follow up with them and collect their answer. A simple 4-step process to use in any type of online marketing. No selling, pushing, or persuading needed for this.

Benefits of Being More Accepting of Rejection

I didn’t discuss this in my other document, but you can become more self-confident as you realize that you don’t need the approval of others. Why do you care what they think?

This is something I have struggled with a long time, most of my life.

I am now starting the process of learning a couple of new skills. One of them is prospecting over the phone. This has a lot of great training and I am connected to a wonderful group in Facebook that specializes in this. I have some purchased leads and I will be beginning to contact them to see if they are interested in my opportunities.

I know it will be tough at first but I’ve already taken on some challenges that involved overcoming fears. This will be a great step forward in my life.

If you have struggled with this I ask that you identify an action you can take to walk toward the fear.

As I said previously, our fears are often in our mind. When you get closer to it, the power of it lessens. Perhaps it takes some time.

My previous fear of making videos is gone. I might still struggle to know what to say, have my mind go blank, or be overly reliant on notes, but these are things I can handle.

I hope the fear of negative reactions on the phone goes away as quickly, but if not I will still press on.

Many famous people had to overcome rejection to accomplish what they are now known for.

People such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-authors of bestselling series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. For a long time they couldn’t find anyone to publish their book, but they continued to seek a publisher and now the series has sold 112 million copies just in the US. They now hold a Guiness Book of World Records record for the most number of books on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time.

There are many, many others. I found a great article about 35 famous people who got rejected first. I hope you enjoy it.

If you got something out of this go ahead and give me a comment on the bottom of the article. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good positions on how to deal with rejection and how to move ambitiously towards your dreams. I can relate because I had a lot of fears coming to WA. I will look at things a little bit different from this day forward.

    • I’m glad to hear you decided to walk toward your fears also. I am getting into the swing of things with facing fears. It is so freeing to find out that what you were afraid of isn’t so bad after all. Thanks for the comment.


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