How to Start a Blog Site for Your Work From Home Business

Starting a blog is a very popular method for creating a business you can run from anywhere. Unfortunately, it usually takes 6 months or more to start producing income, and many people give up or decide to pursue other options when they see how slow the process is going to be.

Don’t be like that !

Just kidding, I used to be that person who gave up easily too. So I understand. It’s easy to get discouraged if you keep spending money on things and they don’t work, and it’s super easy to get cynical over these failures.

Starting a blog does work, though. Think of it like a marathon.

Marathon Progress

You start out strong, then later on tiredness takes its toll, but as you press on your eventually get your second wind. Sure, it takes a long time to finish the race, but the one thing that stops you from getting there is dropping out along the way. Everyone who keeps moving eventually reaches the finish line.

I recommend starting your blog even though it’s slow, in fact that’s all the more reason to start right away, and just toughing it out. If you have to do something else on the side to bring in more income right away, then don’t let that be a reason not to start your blog.

Here are some key tips about how to start a blog site:

Tip #1: Choose something you are really passionate about.

I am really passionate about the topic of working from home. This office could be anywhere.

Office chair and desk

I not only want to make income from work I do at home, but I have tried lots of different options and am interested in researching more of them, to see what really works. I also recognize that I’ve given up too easily on some things in the past and I want to work on overcoming that tendency. Writing about the topic several times a week seems like a very good way to overcome that tendency.

I also want to help others achieve that same freedom and flexibility that I am seeking for myself. Job security is a thing of the past, and automation is ever increasing. We need to take charge of our own futures; I hope you all see this too.

What is your passion? I’m sure you have something you really are strongly into as well. You would be amazed at all the things you can do to make money from your passions online these days.

Some common concerns:

“What if I’m not a good writer?”


“What if I’ve Never Done This Before?”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have experience. You don’t have to be a great writer to get started. The only way to become great at anything is through practice.

You CAN do this!

Tip #2: Choose a good platform for your blog

There are several popular blog platforms: WordPress,, Tumblr, Medium, Gator, Wix. I haven’t used most of them, so I can’t tell you what the best one is, but all of them will have documentation or training on how to create a site on their platform. is the most popular domain for creating a blog. But I don’t want you to waste time trying out lots of different things just to find the one that’s best for you. Sure, you could just create it on wordpress without any support, without any training, without any website security packages or domain hosting. You could pay a large amount of money just to host one website. Npt a good idea!

Alternatively, you could pay a large amount of money just to find out if a blog platform works. But who wants that?

The best way is to try out a blogging platform before you part with any money. If you want to try out a great platform with a free starter membership, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

See my recent Review.

The free account comes with access to a lot of the features, not everything of course, but there is no obligation to upgrade to a Premium account. I highly recommend this as a place to learn about blogging. I did it, and I don’t regret it!

Tip #3: Commit to a regular posting schedule and just work at it

Having a regular schedule of when and how often you post will help you keep building up your website. Your aim in creating the website is to establish an audience and a sense of trust. You want people to realize that your information is valuable and then they will look to you for answers to their questions.

Questions and Answers

Continuing to write regularly will lead to more people reading and subscribing to your website. If people in your audience know you are going to keep writing they will be more likely to stick around.

Tip #4: Recognize that it will take time to start earning income and just keep adding content

You want to research keywords to include in your articles. These are phrases that are typed in Google search (or other search engines online). Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy keyword research tool is pretty amazing, and you don’t have to upgrade to Premium to use it.

Earning money from a blog is a slow process, but each post increases your visibility on searches. It creates more of a reason for people who find your blog to stay there and keep reading.

Writing articles that are at least 1000 words long will get your website indexed by Google, meaning that people will be able to find your website by searching on Google. However, that doesn’t mean your links will show up on the first page of search results, which is as far as most people go when doing a search.

For each article that is indexed, the chances of being found in a search increase, but your numbers start out very low. Initially, when you have only a few articles, you may not come up at all (at least on the first page). Later, you may come up in a search only when someone types the exact keyword you used in your blog post.

Bonus Tip: Promote Your Blog on Social Media

To really kickstart your visibility and get more visitors to your blog, it’s almost essential these days to post about it on Social Media. I’ve heard of a few people who made lots of money without using social media, but you have to be really good at email marketing or some other strategy to put the word out.

social media icons

There are many Social Media platforms, but ideally you will have a consistent personal “Brand” and post to all of the most widely used sites. These would include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Other very popular ones include Reddit and Quora.

There are too many platforms to include all the ones that you can benefit from using for your business. Stay tuned shortly for some articles all about using Social Media. I have some other social media websites I use as well.

Wealthy Affiliate also has its own internal membership accounts which include the ability to interact like on social media. For example, members can send messages to each other, write an internal blog, comment on posts, ask for feedback on sites, and earn community credits for giving comments and feedback. Most of these capabilities come with the free starter account as well as the paid Premium accounts.

Believe in your ability to do this and just keep working, you’ll get there!

This is the ultimate key: Having the confidence that you can make an income working from home by creating your blog. Commit to the work required, understand the process is slow and builds up gradually, and just hang in there!

I will be happy to help you out along this process, if you decide to make your brighter future by writing a blog. I hope you’ll join me inside Wealthy Affiliate, where my user name is just my name, BryceNielsen.

Feel free to leave me comments or questions. If you decide to do your blog at another platform, I’ll still do everything I can to help you get started. Best wishes for your great journey to Working From Home!

4 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog Site for Your Work From Home Business”

  1. Some great advice here , put in a very simple to understand way. I love the way that you do not overstate the business idea and sell it as a get rich quick scheme. I understand that ideas such as this will take time to develop.

    But is it really as simple as you suggest ? What skills do you think I need to start off with? and finally could I do this part time alongside my current job?

    • Absolutely you can do this part time alongside a job, lots of people are doing it on Wealthy Affiliate. Also, their courses teach the skills you need to be good at blogging. The other skills and specific knowledge of a niche are dependent on what you know and love.

  2. Thanks for sharing you ideas. I like your way of telling things. No fluff no bs, just straight as it is. I tried blogging before and failed because it took too long to manifest in my results. But it was a lesson that I needed. My latest attempt is producing an income now, and as I keep adding more content, the results are getting better. I just wanted to share my experience with your readers to confirm that blogging could be a great opportunity to start an income from home. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned all the tricks of the trade too. Highly recommended platform!

    • Thanks for sharing of your experience, Ivan. Yes this is a process that takes time. Sometimes if you’re not getting results you just haven’t been doing it long enough. Good information for all!


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