I Decided to Face My Fears; I’m So Glad I Did

Hello friends. This past week has been quite an adventure.

A leader in one of my business teams gave everyone a 5-day challenge. Then on the last day of that challenge, another leader gave a 21-day challenge. They are helping me so much. I have been a very timid person for much of my life; I’m so glad I decided to face my fears and accept these challenges.

Both challenges involved shooting one video a day, during the first challenge it was a Facebook Live video. The second challenge involves recording a video per day and then uploading it to both Facebook and YouTube.

One of my biggest fears is public speaking; in particular, I was afraid to record videos of myself speaking. Now this is funny because I have no fear of being in front of a camera for a still shot. My father was very into photography and there are so many pictures we have of ourselves (my 4 siblings and me) when young because of that. I am not as good-looking as I was then but I still don’t mind being seen on camera.

I am also in a church where everyone is asked to speak regularly, but I am always nervous. I am guessing it is about being introverted, liking small groups rather than large ones. I am not afraid during a conversation with one or two other people.

So what was my fear ultimately about? I think it was about being criticized, being disliked or disrespected. I know it makes no sense because I have had nothing but support from my business team members and they are the main people who would see my videos anyway, at least at first.

Isn’t Constant Self-Improvement A Priority for Everyone Anyway?

Of course it is. That’s what my morning routine involves – self-development. Daily gratitudes I write now, help get my mind in a positive direction.

I have also just resumed doing meditations for 5 minutes in the morning. I also write my goals, and affirmations. All of this goes to my mindset. I suppose I should add in a little humor too. Something I just covered in a video.

What were My Challenges?

Let me just go over briefly what I discussed in my videos. First, let me say I kept things simple. I didn’t worry too much about sound, or lighting, or having my appearance perfect. I made sure I could hear myself with a test recording, turned on an extra light or two, and then I just talked.

It was helpful having notes and a topic each time. A big BIG help.

My first challenge, the 5-day challenge, ran from Monday to Friday. Each day I did a Facebook Live for about 10 minutes (some team members just did longer informational posts, which was an option). The topic for all 5 days was self-development. Something we are reading, watching or listening to that helps us be a better or more positive person.

I spent all 5 days mainly discussing a great video from Bob Proctor that he published on April 6, which was an hour and a half long and mainly involved him answering questions submitted before. His video was all about good mindset, a proper paradigm and the power of your thinking to change your life and achieve anything you want.

A lot of material there, but plenty of others covered books or articles they read. The Sunday before, I started reading Think and Grow Rich again as I was considering using that for the videos, but I decided the Bob Proctor video would be better.

An Extra Challenge

I actually had 3 challenges, but one was from myself. I gave myself an extra challenge – something to help me face my fear of being on camera.

On Sunday, the day before the 5-day challenge started, I began recording very short videos for Instagram. Just me expressing one of my gratitudes, and then adding some pictures and a bit of music. The video stories that are not Live videos there are limited to less than 60 seconds, so I made sure my videos were less than that. Later, sometimes the same day or sometimes the next, I then uploaded one of the pictures as a picture post on Instagram.

I did that for 7 days total, but I am now taking a break from everything except this blog and my Facebook profile, except for very quick checks on my other profiles.

I am accepting a truth from my sponsor that I need to be more focused on the most critical tasks for my business success. He told me that days ago. Better late than never.

Challenge 2 – a 21-Day Video Challenge

For this challenge, which is to help team members with marketing, we have a topic template chosen each day by our team leader. I have now done 2 of these and the third will be today.

If you want to see me talking, you can find my videos on my social media profiles, which are accessible by the little floating icons.

Other Fears I Have To Face

I am now facing another fear, or perhaps another form of the same one. Fear of rejection is huge.

I will be sending out messages to 25 people every day on Facebook asking if they are open to learning about my business. I should have been doing this for the last 6 weeks, but have suffered from an overactive mind that argued about the right definition of one of the tasks I was taught to do every day. I never asked him to clarify, I just settled on the easier definition. I really regret it.

Now I am realizing it doesn’t matter what my teacher meant. This is what I need to do. That’s what matters.

Sometimes in Business You Have to Do the Right Thing Even Though It Is Scary.

Facing your fears is a form of personal development. Becoming a better person is something we should all be working on.

No matter what your business or job is, you can benefit from being more courageous than I have been. I hope to help you with my story of my previous failure.

I have been in my business opportunity for 6 weeks. I have not had any personal referrals because I was so timid. Keep in mind, I have 20 people under me in my team, all placed there by others. But I can’t rank up without having 3 I personally referred. Two people under me have already ranked up. One of them has already reached the second rank and is earning money every week.

I’m sure my timidity has something to do with this. Now that I have faced my video fears, I will tackle this one head on.

My sponsor’s very simple system is supposed to have results within 3 weeks, and it has been 6. I have never thought of quitting, I wanted this too much, but I thought I could just keep on as I was going. Now I am making a course correction.

Benefits of Facing Your Fears

I have already seen changes in myself from doing these challenges. I am now more confident than I was on Sunday or Monday. I am now recording videos of my music which I intend to start uploading on a personal YouTube channel soon.

I am getting to know my team members better, because of their videos, those that have done them.

But the main benefit is that I expect my social reach to improve. I need to measure better but I would say more people see my video posts than my other posts on Facebook.

Another benefit is that it makes me personable and relatable. The friendlier I am, and the more I share useful information, the more people will come to see my trustworthiness and want to know more about my business. It all ties together.

Has my story of facing my fears inspired you? Don’t be afraid to comment or reach out to me. I will gladly accept any honest feedback you might have.

Working From Home, Facing My Fears, all of it is helping me to be a better and more fulfilled person. I am so happy to share this journey with you.

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