One of the Best Things To Do When You Are Bored at Home!

This won’t be a big surprise to people who have previously read articles on this site, but I think I know one of the best things to do when you are bored at home.

Stuck at Home?

So anyway, this is a very interesting period in our history. So much fear and panic over the Coronavirus, things being shut down all over the United States, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere in the world.

For many people, your job is closed down, or you have been asked to work from home.

(As the owner of, I’m somewhat jealous).

Public gatherings of more than 50 people are cancelled or postponed for months in many places.

You don’t even have professional sports or your favorite comedy show to keep you entertained.

Or maybe, you’ve been exposed to the disease, or even have it.

I feel bad about that. I hope you come through it all right.

Either way, you’re stuck at home.

Know What Isn’t Shut Down?

That’s right, usually in an apocalyptic scenario in books or movies, something is shut down that we haven’t lost.

Something that makes all the difference.

Something that I couldn’t run this website without.

Well, two things, really. Two things we’ve become totally dependent on. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but that’s how it is. Those two things are

  1. Electricity and
  2. the Internet.

I hope they don’t shut down, either.

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Charles Dickens was talking about a very different scenario, of course, but the quote from the opening of his famous book “Tale of Two Cities” is very applicable now.

On the one hand, we have so much shut down, and on the other hand, lots of people have free time on their hands that they don’t normally have.

What a problem to have!

I do feel sorry for you. A little.

I wish I had that problem.

I don’t mean to sound callous, or play the world’s tiniest violin.



Now wait, you’re saying. I don’t have any free time. I have little kids I have to take care of. No one to watch them but me.

That’s totally different.

I’m not saying everyone has free time. But some people do.

If your biggest problem is needing a babysitter, I can’t do anything to help you.

But I can help the people who are bored. That’s all.

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I’m as helpless against the awesome forces of nature as you are.

A virus is a lot smaller than a waterfall, but it’s just as powerful.

First Things First

Now, what I’m recommending isn’t your first priority, if you have a family or household that you live with.

If you have the problem of too much free time, by all means spend lots of it with your family or roommates.

Do a fun hobby. Nothing that will hurt anyone, of course.

Play with your kids, or your spouse or partner. Get more sleep.

Maybe do both at the same time?

But if you find that really boring, I hope you’ll shut off Netflix and even Roku and Disney+ and put on something else. It can be just as much fun, if you do it right. And WAY MORE Productive!

I am calling on all the bored people of the world, provided you have power and the Internet like I do.

Take advantage of the time, and do this —-

Start An Online Business

Yes, that’s right.

That’s what I’ve been building up to all this time.

By all means choose something you can do part-time when your job comes back.

It will be back, or you’ll find something new.

I highly recommend online business. It has so many pluses and not many minuses.

You get to meet lots of nice people, extend your borders a little, try new things and even, SHOCKER, make more money. Hopefully.

Maybe you’ve never had a business before, at least online.

There are lots of options, and I would encourage you to consider them and move toward achieving your dreams.

Write down your goals and your dreams. That will motivate you. Then don’t let anyone get in your way.

Even if you don’t make any money the first time you do an online business, you’ll learn a lot.

I know because I’ve learned a lot from writing this blog. I will keep on writing and learning too. We can learn together. Feel free to drop me a comment or question.

No, I’m not Stuck at Home Bored

Except when I get sick.

But I can certainly imagine it.

If I worked at an airport, I well might be home without any work right now. Or if I worked at a restaurant, or a school.

There are so many people at home now.

I want to help you.

I have to work full-time until the grocery stores shut down, if that ever happens, or I get rich from this website, whichever comes first.

But I’m going to keep giving you inspiration, and hope, and all the helpful information I can squeeze out of my tired nerdy brain.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings today. It’s the best I can do on 4 hours of sleep.

What are you still doing here when you could be making money on the Internet?



Get filthy stinkin’ rich and write me a letter about how I turned your life around.

Could happen. Who knows? At least I won’t be bored.

6 thoughts on “One of the Best Things To Do When You Are Bored at Home!”

  1. Wow, That’s a great post, really enjoyed reading it to the very end, and the solution is very true. I’ve started my online business, I’m still at the beginning though. However, now, when there is full quarantine in a country I’m staying, I can’t go work, I’m a chef and all the restaurants are closed, the best I can do it’s to work on my online business. That’s what I actually enjoy. Therefore I agree with the author, that’s one of the best things to do now at home. I can’t be bored, cause have too much exciting things to work on. Thank you Bryce!

  2. Businesses being shut down right now is putting a lot of people at home, bored, as you mention in your article. Kids not going back to school as well is putting a lot of parents at a disadvantage of having to stay home from work to watch their kids as well.
    I like to read about different ideas on how to stay busy at home and I think you have some good ideas.
    Overall, I enjoyed your article!

  3. I love the picture you have in this article. I have been working from home this past week and at the same time home schooling my 9 and 4 year old rugrats. I so needed to read this article. The picture reminded me maybe that’s what I should do tomorrow, fix myself, make myself look presentable before starting my new “work from home” job brought to me by COVID19. I have been dreaming about working in my pajama and I’ve made that dream a reality this week. But now, I am dreaming to go back to my office. lol, why? This ” working in your pajama” for me is another hype. I think it is important that we feel great about ourselves and the pajama all day is not cutting it for me! I need to keep my motivation on. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the comment. I actually considered putting pajamas in the name of my site, but it seemed a little too narrow that way. Besides I don’t actually wear pajamas.

      Best of wishes with your website. Good luck with the homeschooling also.


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