How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Business, Part 1

Something I have been learning a lot about in one of my other businesses is the fear of rejection. This is a big concern any time you are marketing or selling something. Many people will say no, and some might even get mean about it. Here are some ideas for how to overcome fear of … Read more

Work At Online Business Like It’s a Job

It’s very important in online business to work consistently, as I discussed in the previous article. One good way to do this it to play a little game with yourself. You need to work at online business like it’s your job. Imagine someone standing behind you as you sit at the computer, reminding you that … Read more

How To Be Successful in Business: 3 Important Traits

I have been thinking about the qualities that make for success, and I have come up with 3 things. Each of these is important, but I’m not sure I have enough material for a whole article for each of them. How to Be Successful in Business is to have the traits and behaviors that has … Read more

I Decided to Face My Fears; I’m So Glad I Did

Hello friends. This past week has been quite an adventure. A leader in one of my business teams gave everyone a 5-day challenge. Then on the last day of that challenge, another leader gave a 21-day challenge. They are helping me so much. I have been a very timid person for much of my life; … Read more

Attraction Marketing on Facebook: How to Get People Coming to You

I have been working on my Facebook profile for over a year, and I have learned some good tips about how to do attraction marketing on Facebook. I would like to share them with you here. I picked up some of these things from a former company that specializes in teaching about social media, and … Read more

What If You Don’t Know What Business to Do? A Good place to start

I want to give some helpful tips to people who are interested in doing a home-based business but have no idea of what type of business they want to do, or even what the focus of the business should be. There’s really a lot of self-evaluation possible in determining a good business, at least if … Read more

The Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

I hope that by now, if you’ve read my older posts you are already working on an online business and have committed to doing whatever it takes to make it grow so that you can, like me, enjoy the dream of working from home. Or sleeping more? This probably means expanding your reach so you … Read more

Why Network Marketing is Good for Newcomers

If you want a good way to earn an income working from home, and you don’t have any experience, I would recommend that you look into Network Marketing as a place to start. Network Marketing is sometimes also called MLM or multi-level marketing but a lot of people avoid the term as it has a … Read more

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