What If You Don’t Know What Business to Do? A Good place to start

I want to give some helpful tips to people who are interested in doing a home-based business but have no idea of what type of business they want to do, or even what the focus of the business should be. There’s really a lot of self-evaluation possible in determining a good business, at least if … Read more

The Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

I hope that by now, if you’ve read my older posts you are already working on an online business and have committed to doing whatever it takes to make it grow so that you can, like me, enjoy the dream of working from home. Or sleeping more? This probably means expanding your reach so you … Read more

Why Network Marketing is Good for Newcomers

If you want a good way to earn an income working from home, and you don’t have any experience, I would recommend that you look into Network Marketing as a place to start. Network Marketing is sometimes also called MLM or multi-level marketing but a lot of people avoid the term as it has a … Read more

Working on a Laptop Can Make You Restless

Working from home takes a toll on the body. I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer. You might have the same issue. How can we best deal with our restless bodies’ needs to be up and moving around? I’ve found I can still be working on my home business without … Read more

My Decision – Ethical Dilemmas in Business

I’ve been dealing with some moral and ethical questions to ponder. Many people face these types of decisions. Just in the last two weeks, I joined into some other businesses to make money more quickly than a blog, as I referenced in a recent post that blogging takes a while to start producing income. However, … Read more

How to Start a Blog Site for Your Work From Home Business

Starting a blog is a very popular method for creating a business you can run from anywhere. Unfortunately, it usually takes 6 months or more to start producing income, and many people give up or decide to pursue other options when they see how slow the process is going to be. Don’t be like that … Read more

A Wealthy Affiliate Review – King of Affiliate Networks

That’s right – I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a little over one month. Here is my Wealthy Affiliate review. I consider it to be one of the best things I’ve ever gotten into. I love it. Wealthy Affiliate RULES.   Wealthy Affiliate features: Wealthy Affiliate has many great features which make it … Read more

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