The Value of Persistence, and some final thoughts

Hello everyone. I want to share some thoughts on an important subject:

The Value of Persistence. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be going well, or we stumble, fall, making mistakes. 

My absences from this website are one of those mistakes. But I am back.

What Is Persistence? 

I won’t give you a dictionary definition. But persistence means continuing on and just not giving up. Another word for it is determination.

I am not giving up on this website despite my difficulties in posting on a regular basis. It is too important to me to share useful information that helps people who share my dream, of making a full-time income doing what you love, from home.

Learning to be Persistent is one of the most important qualities you can work to acquire, in the pursuit of your Work From Home lifestyle.

Persistence can be Learned, or Acquired

Yes, everyone has to learn to be persistent, at some point, if you want to have success in any endeavor or cause. This is because we all face trials, roadblocks, challenges. We need to continue past these difficult moments.

No one was born with a natural ability to persist and succeed despite all problems. Everyone learns this, some earlier than others.

We can achieve, YOU can achieve this!

How to Acquire Persistence

The simple answer is just to get up and keep moving in the right direction. You need to know where you are going first. Reach out and let me know if you want to see more content on knowing where you are going in building an online business.

Now, it may have hurt when you fell. There may be pain. Getting up and keeping moving may not FEEL easy. Nonetheless, it is the only way to get to your goals. 


Think of the toddler learning to walk. What do they do?

They walk from one adult’s hand to another, probably falling down on the way. But they don’t stop trying. The goal, being more independent, getting up from crawling on the ground, is too important. They want to be like the adults they see walking around. 

So they get up and try again. They don’t give up.

So your Desire goes hand in hand with Persistence.

If your Desire is weak it will be difficult to persist. But you can learn to improve that. I won’t get into improving Desire in this article. That is a subject all its own.

A Suggestion from my reading of “Think and Grow Rich”

In his classic 1937 success principles book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote that one way to acquire Persistence is to read his chapter on that subject, every day, for one month. 

Full disclosure, although I studied the chapter every day for a week, as part of my project where I studied the entire book over more than a 3 month period, I have not tried doing it for a month yet.

I do think it is well worth your time, especially since you can get an ebook version of the book for free.

In my print version of the book, this chapter is 16 pages long. It would be a small commitment of time daily, but I highly recommend it.

Persistence Helps You Succeed in Any Endeavor

Once you have identified a practical exercise to develop your Persistence, just keep working on it. If you fall, get up and practice it again.

Once you have succeeded at this thing, you can apply that principle of Success to any endeavor.

Napoleon Hill also said, and I have this printed in large letters in my bedroom to remind me: “A Quitter Never Wins, and a Winner Never Quits”.

I Have Struggled Myself to be Persistent

This year, 2020, I’m doing much better. 

In my past I often gave up on things and never resumed them, or only did so again after an absence of a year or more. I think some of it is just my personality, I’ll get into that in another article.

I admit that I don’t have a long track record of persistence in some areas of my life. I even gave up on online business for some months in 2019 when my first two attempts produced no income. I didn’t really know what business I wanted to get into. That was before I started this blog, in February of this year.

But this website is important to me, and there are other areas as well, such as Spirituality and Self-Education where I do find the subjects so important than any failures to persist were more rare. My music, especially, one of the biggest passions of my life, is something I have never given up on.

We are not governed by our past. The present is with us, and it shapes the future. The past is just a memory.

We can make different choices now. That is the important point.

Surround Yourself With Good Supportive People

As you are working to learn persistence, it will be tough and emotionally challenging at times. You may get discouraged.

You need supportive people to encourage you to keep on going. You need good role models and friends, accountability partners, mentors, coaches. 

I recommend all of those things for your best success.

How to Get More Good Encouragement

I hope that reading my website and other similar ones can be valued role models for you as well.

And so, I encourage you to visit me often to get more encouragement, if getting discouraged by the length of the process is a challenge for you.

Keep at your goal of working on persistence. Like any muscle, it is developed with use.

There are many other websites with great motivation.

I post it myself from time to time over on Facebook. I am on there every day.

Follow me there if you want more frequent updates. See the social media icons floating on the top corner of the website.

More Great Content On Its Way

I’ve about said my piece here. But I assure you, they were written with a strong motive to help inspire you as I have found so many sources of inspiration.

There are many more great articles coming, on the subject of working from home and what qualities it takes to be successful in home-based businesses. As well as sharing inspiration, tips I have learned, reviews of books, opportunities, and other products that can help you.

May you be blessed with improved persistence and achieve the greatness that is your potential.

To your Success!!

Till next time, Bryce

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