Why Network Marketing is Good for Newcomers

If you want a good way to earn an income working from home, and you don’t have any experience, I would recommend that you look into Network Marketing as a place to start. Network Marketing is sometimes also called MLM or multi-level marketing but a lot of people avoid the term as it has a negative connotation for many people.

Why Network Marketing? I will explain several good reasons why I recommend this option.



Bob Proctor Recommends it

On April 6, 2020, during a Live Q and A video streaming broadcast, Bob Proctor said that if he was starting a business now he would go into Network Marketing.

If you don’t know who Bob is, I also mentioned him in my last post about the Law of Attraction. He has been training business people to have success and grow their businesses for 59 years, since 1961.

Here are the reasons he gave for this: You can work on your own, you can decide what you’re going to earn and where you’re going to work, and then he said, if you’re out of work and looking for something you can find someone who is doing very well in Network Marketing and ask them to show you what to do.

I’m going to give my own reasons below but I will also elaborate on some of Bob’s reasons.

There are many, many options of companies and products to choose from.

Literally, you can promote products of almost any type and find a network marketing company involved in it. So choose something you’re passionate about.

Here are some network product types that I’m aware of (without doing any research): health and wellness products of various types, including drinks, oils, CBD products. Financial and legal services products. Skincare and cosmetics. Travel programs. Trading education programs. Many different types of business opportunities also where the main product is the ability to duplicate the training and create your own business.

Training on how to recruit or share the opportunity with others.

This training can then be applied or re-used for many other business opportunities. Sharing your experience is not the same as selling. The wildly successful Network Marketers I have talked to are not persuading people to buy something they don’t need, rather they are sharing what has helped them and helping others to see that they can benefit as well.

A lot of people think working an MLM or Network business is about selling, but it really isn’t.

It’s about helping people.

Passive, residual income.

One feature of Network or MLM marketing that other businesses don’t have is that you can benefit from the work done by others who you have recruited or brought into the team. This means that after you do the work to bring people in, you get paid when THEY do work afterwards.

So you can make more money without having to do all the hard work yourself.

This requires the patience and persistence to rise up the ranks of the business in the first place. And you can’t rest on your laurels after that – you have to train and help keep your team motivated so they keep on succeeding. But the compensation rate goes way way up if you are in a good company with a good payment structure.

Full time income working part time

That’s right, many people are making enough to live on and working much less than 8 hours a day. Think how many more fulfilling things you could do with your time if you had more of it for yourself. Who wouldn’t want that?

Time for your family, for hobbies. For getting involved in great charitable and private causes of whatever type you are interested in. Yes, even time to watch Netflix. I like to mention this as a way people waste time, but it’s something they like, and I was just as addicted to it when I had it. Now it’s Roku. I won’t say the choice is wrong, I just advise that you be sure it’s what you really want to do with your time.

Working a Network business means you get more choices – isn’t that great?

You get to meet a lot of great people.

I’ve only been in my network businesses for about a month and I’ve already had many great conversations and made a lot of good friends on Social Media. I can only imagine how many more such conversations I’ll be having when there are thousands of people seeing my articles and posts.

It can potentially build up income much faster than a blog

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing articles to help everyone out, but it would be better if I was already making money from it. I know that day will come, but let’s be honest. We all get into business to make money, right?

I have seen quite a few people start making money within a month of joining a network business, sometimes within a week. A blog generally takes 6 months to a year to start producing income. There’s no comparison.

I don’t recommend skipping the blog. But it’s great to have something else producing income while you build it up.

You can always leave when you don’t need the income anymore

If it’s not your favorite thing to do, well, don’t assume it has to be your long-term business. You wouldn’t treat a 9-to-5 job that way, at least most people wouldn’t anymore.

As Bob Proctor said, you can decide where you’re going to work.


It’s true that a lot of people have not made money with network marketing, but it’s important that we don’t just look at a statistic and instead break down what caused the failure. Perhaps they never found anyone to join their business? They may have lacked the confidence to even try to recruit people. Perhaps they had a sponsor or upline who didn’t help them, or they had a company where they had to buy a lot of products just to qualify to make money. There could be lots of reasons.

You want to do your research and be willing to leave one opportunity to find a better one.

However, I regard it as a serious mistake to leave after only one month. That’s not long enough to know whether the failure is with you or with the program. If it’s with you, you want to stick around and learn how to do it better. Just my two cents.

Network Marketing is great

I stand by all of these reasons. Now perhaps you have some concerns about whether it’s ethical to do this kind of business. I addressed this a bit in an earlier post, but if there’s a need for it I can certainly write about it again.

I really love my Network businesses, and I hope you will join in this great and growing industry as well.

Stay tuned for some reviews of specific companies and niches in Network Marketing.

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  1. Good evening, Bryce! Very informative article. As a newbie to the online marketing industry, networking is KEY. The more people that you know, and the more helpful platforms that you’re aware of, the greater your chances of not only connecting with experienced online bloggers who can help you to grow your business, but the greater your chances of presenting a professional and credible website to the naked eye. I will definitely refer to this article as I’m on this online journey! God bless you!


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