Work At Online Business Like It’s a Job

It’s very important in online business to work consistently, as I discussed in the previous article. One good way to do this it to play a little game with yourself.

You need to work at online business like it’s your job. Imagine someone standing behind you as you sit at the computer, reminding you that you need to finish that post or make one more Facebook connection before you go to bed. Don’t you think that would motivate you to stay focused?

Many Ideas for Staying Focused

Staying focused on what you need to be doing every day is important when you do an online business. There are many ways to do this.

One that I have just started using a few days ago is: writing an intention on a post-it and keeping it on my computer. I see it numerous times throughout the day. I also have it on my phone and will be adding it into the calendar for reminders when I am away from home. My intention is: “I am focused on my daily routine.”

An intention is a statement of something you want, an awareness or quality you want to acquire. Frequently it is expressed in the form of “I want to be more…” or “I am…” It is not something specific you achieve in a measurable way, like a goal.

That reminder, just a few seconds at a time, a few times throughout the day, helps to reprogram your brain to become what is in your intention. It is suggested to only do 1, and use it for 30 days when starting out. However, I came up with 3 that all seemed important. So we’ll see how it works to be doing 3.

Training your brain to be focused

This one I got from Bob Proctor. If you are having a hard time staying focused, or having low willpower, you can train them by putting a dot on the wall and just looking at it. It seems silly, but I did that. In three different rooms of my apartment.

To learn focus, just look at it, and when your eyes wander away, don’t stress about it, it’s normal. Just bring your eyes back to the dot as soon as you notice they’ve wandered. If you do this repeatedly you will learn to have greater focus.

Writing exactly what you will do

This one I also just started using on Facebook. I noticed that I get distracted and start conversing with people, or scrolling through content, adding likes and comments, even when I intended to just get on to write a post or look up what I said in one particular message. So to combat that, I have a new technique for focus.

I write down in a business journal, before I open Facebook, exactly what I am going on to do. It is not perfect, but it is a lot better since I started doing that. I expect I will still respond to a message if it comes up while I am on, or if I see someone has responded to one of my posts I may like their comment and reply right away.

I am still working on all these methods for learning focus but I feel they can benefit everyone. One last part is that I do have a time set aside later for doing all the rest of the tasks I am tempted to do now. Unless someone is asking for something urgently I can usually wait a few hours to respond, and I remind myself of this also.

What Would Your Boss Say?

Yes, you are your own boss in an online business. If the idea of a demanding boss standing behind you doesn’t appeal to you, imagine yourself standing behind someone new you have just introduced into the business. You are trying to coach them to the level of success you have had (visualizing it if you are not making money yet, as though you had it already) and want to give them helpful tips.

What would you tell them to be sure to do every day?

Write it down, and make sure you do it too.

Success in Online Business is a Process

You want to make sure you remember to look at the big picture, especially if it seems to be taking a long time. How long have you been at it? What have you been doing? I hope you will keep track of the relevant numbers to track your progress even if you are not making money yet.

Remember that in a job you probably already have customers you are helping. In online business, one big difference, you have to find the customers.

Now imagine yourself as the manager of a business. What decisions do they have to make? You have to make similar ones, although you may not have people working for you. But YOU are working for you.

Be Specific When Coming Up with Goals

I hope if you are working on an online business that you have already written down specific goals you want to be reaching. How much money you want to make, how many people you want to help. Things like that.

Remember: You Are Building A Valuable Asset

Even if you are not yet making money in your business, you are building a valuable asset. Businesses are being sold or acquired all the time, and the list of customers is included in the things that are assessed for value when deciding how much the business is worth. So your list of friends on Facebook, or subscribers to an email list, if you have those, are moving you forward in creating something valuable.

I hope you will continue pressing forward to reaching your goals and finding your financial freedom through working from home. It is my dream and I have a passion for sharing information that can help each of you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, and comment or email me if you have questions about how to succeed in your business. If I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find it, and I may write a future post on your topic.

I have already started recording Facebook videos where I discuss these types of questions. I hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Work At Online Business Like It’s a Job”

  1. Thank you sharing this post on staying focused. It can be very challenging with so many distractions to take you away from your main purpose. I always write a to do list at the end of each day. That way I know exactly what my goals are for the following day. I love the idea of creating a spot on your wall to practice focusing the mind. It takes will power and self discipline to maintain focus:)

  2. Wow these are great tips…and in some sense this a great reminder for me. I often get distracted and in today’s age FOCUS is everything. I have heard many people say, you can make money fast online however I have seen many pitfalls…it does take sometime to have a sustainable online business, as you rightly said it is a process.

  3. Thank you for the informative post you wrote. I must say that I felt compelled to leave a message about your post. It was a pleasure to read. The advice is greatly appreciated, like being specific with our goals and I agree that success is a process that takes time to perfect or at least get it where you want it.

    I am happy to have found your website and read this phenomenal post. My questions were answered to my expectation and I learned as well. The articles on this site are detailed and informative and gave me an insight that I needed.

  4. You got it spot on about the importance of focus when you’re working on an online biz. I can’t remember how many times where I lost focus and things starting to fall apart. The dot on the wall is a good idea as it’s just like meditating.

    I’ve also tried hypnosis for focus. Maybe you’ll want to check it out too.


    • Thanks Kenny, I did get some materials on hypnosis years ago and I agree that it could be very helpful in learning to focus. I’ll have to dust that off!


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