Working on a Laptop Can Make You Restless

Working from home takes a toll on the body. I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer. You might have the same issue. How can we best deal with our restless bodies’ needs to be up and moving around?

I’ve found I can still be working on my home business without being at the computer. There are certain things I can do to advance my goals while standing or moving around inside my home. There are more passive activities that help with the business. Working on a laptop, while seated at a desk, can’t be the only way you do your business, unless you’re a very unusual person.

Unplug the computer

This is the true magic of having a laptop computer, as opposed to any of the larger styles we had to use 20 years ago when I was a teenager. Those desktop / tower computers were difficult to move around.

I have certainly done this quite a bit with the laptop.

You can lie down on the couch or bed with a laptop beside you (just make sure not to fall asleep or it may shut down for lack of power). I certainly know the feeling of being too tired to stay in the chair but still had things to do.

You can also move around your home with your computer.

I was working with a business last year where we were on Skype calls a lot. I could bring the laptop over to the kitchen if I needed to use the sink (I wouldn’t do this if I was presenting, but if someone else is teaching something and I am just watching, provided I don’t need to take notes, it works). You can always mute your sound and turn off your camera if you’re going to be doing something noisy or embarrassing.

It’s even possible to bring the laptop into the bathroom if you have something nice and flat next to your ,,, throne.

However, I find over time that even the laptop seems like something I don’t want to detach.

This is not really because of weight, but because I use multiple external hard drives and I hate having to unplug them and carry the whole thing around. I don’t use them all the time, but I usually have one plugged in. This will be less necessary when I move more of my personal files onto the Cloud but I confess I am a bit behind the times on this trend.

But a second reason I don’t like unplugging the computer is because of what else I have it plugged into.

Connect your laptop to your TV.

I do this all the time. It is simple now. Years ago I wished I could do this. But when I bought my current computer, it had an HDMI port, the same large one as on the back of the TV.

HDMI cables come in many different lengths and it is easy to make the connection now. I have only 2 ports on the back of the TV and I wound up buying a little switch box so I don’t have to keep pulling the cables out.

Now I can just send the image and sound from my computer to the TV.

It is wonderful to have the capacity to turn the volume up more, and put the images on a larger screen. It can be a bit distracting to have the same image in two places, but now when I’m at the computer I just look at the computer screen.

I also have a TV mount that swivels now, it is nice to be able to direct it the way you want.

Watch Videos

It’s pretty easy to watch videos while moving around, as long as there’s not a lot of detailed screen images of things you need to know how to do. If it’s mostly someone talking, you don’t have to look at it all the time.

I play videos all the time when I’m moving around.

What type of videos?

It could be on any business-related topic.

Sometimes it’s a recommendation to buy a product. Or it’s training about how to sell. It might be a Facebook live from one of the people in my company.

Lately I’ve been plugging into training into some of the top trainers in network marketing: Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Ray Higdon. They all train network marketers but do so equally for people from any company, and don’t permit discussion about business opportunities or selling at their events and groups.

Their motivation, mindset, and sales method training is pretty inspirational. Don’t take this wrong – I am finding it to be very useful, but this type of material is great for listening and just taking a look occasionally.

I recommend you look into the training of these people. They normally charge for their content, but I have been blessed to gain access to free versions from two of them.

There are no doubt others I could list – Robert Kiyosaki, for one, or Zig Ziglar. Just do some research. You may find someone else you draw inspiration from, or want to be your success mentor.


When it comes to mindset, you need to challenge and change the beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching for the stars, from finding your dreams. Affirmations are a great way to do this.

I was encouraged to do this by my sponsor in my two network businesses. He says your mindset is responsible for 95% of your success.

There are videos that play affirmations. You can also do affirmations on phone apps. There are plenty of them to choose from.

Just try it: “I am a good person. I have plenty of money, I deserve to be happy.”

I am confident, I am free.

I am just finding out how powerful these statements are.


This one is so obvious I almost didn’t think of it.

Listen to music that you love, something that encourages you, puts you in a good mood. This is very personal to each of us.

I love many types of music, including classical, religious music, and a lot of types of popular music including songs from some famous movies. Anything uplifting. It might not seem like you’re working when you’re listening to this, but when you get back to the computer you will be more productive.

I will write some more about ways to boost your mood and productivity in another post.

Use your Smartphone

You certainly can’t do everything on a smartphone, but you can do a lot.

I would have a hard time writing articles for this website on a phone, for instance.

You also can’t share your screen during a video conference call. And it’s harder to move between tabs in your browser, although it can be done. I also find copying and pasting to be very limited on a phone.

If you travel a lot, it can be very helpful to have a smartphone so you don’t have to wait for a laptop to start up just because you remembered one five minute task you needed to do. It also uses a lot less power than a laptop. And it is very very portable.

A smartphone today has more computing power than the massive computers that sent spaceships to the moon. Think about that.

If you’re going to be at home a lot, as many are right now, I find the main value of a smartphone is the ability to send and receive text messages. Even phone calls you can do from video conference programs. Your phone also gives you a second internet source as a backup if something should happen to the main one.

You can still be working on your business when you move around, if you have tasks that can be done on a phone.

Don’t Feel Trapped in the Chair

So if you are feeling like you spend all your time trapped in a chair, remember to try the tips in this article. I hope I have been helpful.

7 thoughts on “Working on a Laptop Can Make You Restless”

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips on working. I tend to spend a lot of time working on my laptop sitting on the sofa, but I know it’s very portable. I also use my Amazon fire tablet a lot, especially when watching training videos. In addition, I listen to music when working, mostly on the laptop. Providing it’s the right type, it helps with concentration. I use my smartphone for things like posting to instagram or checking stats. I doubt I could ever use it for blogging though.

  2. This is a pretty strong piece of writing Bryce, because too many people think there are no detrimental effects to sitting down for an extended period of time – and drinking plenty of water is so important to ensure healthy blood circulation under these circumstances.

  3. Thank you Bryce for this good article.
    I haven’t got a computer or a laptop so it is good to be reminded that a laptop would make some of my online activities easier.

    Best wishes,

    Delroy M


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